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Yacht Charter Brokers

Charter brokers are not yacht brokers. Charter brokers sell vacation experiences. Yacht brokers sell yachts. If you are looking for a yachting vacation that is spectacular, relaxing, exciting, different, familiar, unusual, or romantic, you want a yacht charter broker. If you are looking to own your own yacht, you want a yacht broker.

Some good news about brokers: Charter brokers are not obligated to sell charters on particular yachts. They personally choose the yachts on which they sell vacations. Working with many boat owners and boat companies, a charter broker has an almost infinite selection of yachts and locations to choose from to find the perfect vacation for each client. Because of this personal relationship with both the yacht owners and their clients, yacht charter brokers often act as intermediaries on behalf of the client if any kind of dispute arises.

Some more good news about brokers: Charter yacht brokers don't charge their clients for their brokering. They work on percentage with the boat owners, so their clients always get the best deal possible. Charter yacht brokers work with repeat clients and repeat yacht owners when everyone is happy. That is your guarantee that your charter broker will go out of his or her way to make your chartered yacht vacation everything you possibly dreamed of, and more.