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Sailing Yachts vs. Motor Yachts

Chartered sailing yachts come in a huge variety of boat types and designs, from tiny dinghies to larger sloops, catamarans and ketches, to full-size schooners. They are quiet, and for the most part, at the mercy of the winds. Of course, luxury sailing yachts come with diesel engines to make sure that the vessels always arrives at their destinations on time. Preferred for leisurely travels in a general area, sailing yachts require a crew with a specific skill set. Sailing a sailboat entails handling rigging, which a motor yacht doesn't have. On the whole, the amenities on sailing yachts are luxurious but simple, allowing guests to enjoy a relaxing, luxury vacation without the noise of electronic entertainments or diesel engines.

Motor yachts, on the other hand, are all about power. With one or two (or more) diesel engines to power both the propellers and the onboard electronics, motor yachts can offer larger accommodations with more modern entertainments and amenities. Motor yachts commonly have entertainments that require a great deal of electricity, like a hot tub, a disco, a small cinema or a beauty salon. Both sailing and motor yachts have a swimming platform at the stern, a few guest cabins and the crew living area. But, on some motor yachts, the number of crew can equal or surpass the number of guests! More diesel power means more people are necessary to care of more amenities.