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The Most Amazing Privately Owned Yachts in the World

What's the grandest, largest, most elaborate yacht you can imagine? Now, multiply that by 10 and you get the following list of the world's most expensive yachts. Most of the truly resplendent yachts are owned by royalty, namely, the Dubai, owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai; the Al Said, owned by Qaboos bin Said Al Said, the Sultan of Oman; the Brittania, owned by the British Royal Family; the Prince Abdulaziz, owned by the Saudi Royal Family; and, of course, the Octopus, owned by Paul Allen (one could say, of the Microsoft Royal Family). Others are owned by governments, like the MV Savarona, owned by the republic of Turkey, or just wildly wealthy people, like the Rising Sun, owned by billionaire Nasser Al-Rashid.

What sets these mega yachts apart from one another? Each of these boats rivals the others in hospitality, services and amenities. Most have as many, or more, crew as passengers. With helicopters, beauty salons, cinemas and discos, these mega yachts vie for the titles of most luxurious, most unusual and most expensive yachts ever built.

Paul Allen's yacht, the Octopus, has two helicopters, a 10-person submarine and seven boats, on the yacht! Oh, and if you want to see the ocean floor, the Octopus includes a remote controlled vehicle to explore for you while you relax in the renowned cinema and audio recording studio, or just sit by the see-through floor in the observation room and look for buried treasure while you cruise. The cost: 2 million dollars.

The Rising Sun, a 344-foot mega-yacht owned by billionaire Nasser Al-Rashid, features a pool with a retractable roof, a 75-foot dining table crafted by Viscount Linley, and a helicopter. The cost: 200 million dollars.

Owned by billionaire advisor to King Fahd, Nasser al Rashid, The Lady Moura, has a most unusual amenity. It has a beach resort that slides out of one side of the boat. This actual miniature resort features a sandy beach, deck chairs, and palm trees, so you can experience the beach even when you're out to sea. The cost: 210 million dollars.

The Dubai has a huge lounge (which is able to host 80 people) is styled with mosaic floors and palm-like columns resembling an oasis in the desert. There is a gorgeous pool on the main deck with a waterfall running out to the down-level decks. The Dubai has 5 VIP apartments and 6 guest cabins; there is a helicopter pad, a submarine, a spa and salon, and a modern gym. The cost: 350 million dollars.

The Al Said is a yacht wrapped in mystery. Owned by the sultan of Oman, no one outside of the sultan's court has ever seen the inside of it. Visual reports have confirmed that there are two tenders on board and a helicopter landing pad. The yacht itself, can accommodate 70 guests and has a crew of 150 people. Reportedly, one of the known features of the Al Said is a concert hall with the capacity to host a 50-piece symphony orchestra. The cost: Nobody's talking.

The Eclipse, aptly named for its price tag of 1.2 BILLION dollars, tops the list as the most expensive mega yacht of them all. Accommodating 11 guests and a minimum of 70 crewmembers, it features a swimming pool and a dance floor that doubles as a second swimming pool, an aquarium, 2 helicopters, 3 boats and a submarine. The cost: 1.2 billion dollars.