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More Expensive Luxury Yachts

Ever wanted to live like a king or queen, even for just a week? Well, save up your money because with these chartered yachts, the world is yours and the amenities are all you could possibly think of. Live out your dreams of royalty in the most expensive and exclusive way to vacation on the sea. What's your pleasure? Caribbean cruising? Mediterranean sun? Australia's Great Barrier Reef and coastal waters? Europe's coastal hot spots? Take your pick of hundreds of destinations around the world aboard these yachts and others like them. Here's what you get when you travel like royalty.

The Alysia and Annaliesse are the world's most expensive charter yachts. These new, 280-foot yachts can carry 36 passengers with 34 crew members and can range over 7,000 nautical miles. Offering 25,833 square feet of guest space, the on board facilities include a marble-faced Roman bath, saunas, steam rooms, cold plunge pools, hot tubs, a “beauty farm” (spa), therapy beds and massage facilities, a fully-equipped gymnasium, a cinema, a library, a business center, a crèche (nursery/daycare), and a helicopter landing pad for late-arriving guests. The cost? Oh, only $800,000 for one week. Yep, an eight and six zeroes for 7 days.

Equally sumptuous, the Lauren L 295 accommodates 40 guests in 20 suites. Located on the bridge deck, the master suite includes its own private balcony, a king size bed, plasma TV, and a white marble bathroom with a hot tub and shower room. There are 19 guestrooms for 38 guests. Also onboard are two tenders (motor boats), a SeaDoo, a speed boat, four Jetskis, and a variety of tubes, noodles, wakeboards, windsurfers, and fishing and snorkel gear. The Lauren L 295 is a bargain at only EU695 per week. That's a little over $900 US per person for one week. Total cost runs about $36,000 US.

If these yachts aren't big enough for you, the Alexander is available for charter and accommodates 80 guests in 40 cabins, with a crew of 57. Onboard amenities include several public and private dining rooms and lounges, a discotheque and bar, a 27-seat cinema, swimming pool (of course), hot tubs, a beauty salon, a gymnasium, laptops, printers and two (TWO) photocopiers, a library, and a kids playroom. Children are okay, but no pets on the Alexander. Water toys include 6 power boats of varying horsepower, wave runners, all sorts of floating mats and boards, dinghies, windsurfers and kayaks, snorkel gear and water skis. The Alexander is an affordable EU90 per day, so a week will cost you about $820 US. Not bad for a mega yacht! Oh, that's probably per person, so really, the Alexander will cost you and your 79 friends about $65,600 US.