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Crewed Yachts vs. Bareboat Yachts

Do you dream of sailing on a yacht by yourself, and possibly a companion, alone against the elements, or hanging from the rigging, gazing out to sea over becalmed water? Or do you dream of enjoying the sights and sounds of the sea without having to ever lift a sheet (that's a rope) or trim a mains'l (that's the big sail)? If you dream of bareboat yachting, you dream of enjoying the adventure of charting and steering a boat yourself with no crew aboard to take care of you and the boat. If you don't want to work on your vacation aboard a yacht, you're dreaming of a crewed yacht. Wondering what the specific differences between the two are? Here's a quick rundown.

Bare boats are cheaper than crewed boats. Bare boats itemize every expense so you can pick and choose what you are paying for and work within a budget. You can choose to pay for prepared meals to stock your galley or choose to shop in port and cook for yourself. You can hire a cook on a bare boat, but you don't have to eat three meals a day with them. You can hire crew for a bare boat yacht, but that doesn't make it a crewed boat. It makes it a bare boat with a captain or a cook, etc.

On a crewed yacht, every meal is provided to you right on the boat. No shopping or restaurants necessary.

Most of the time, the crew own the yacht. In fact, most yacht owners are couples who crew their boats themselves as captain and mate/cook. Crewed yachts can have any number of employees on board, from two to over 50, depending on the size of the vessel. Crewed yachts include every part of the adventure in the cost of the charter and they don't itemize anything.