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Cost of Chartering a Yacht

What's your budget? Chances are, there's a yacht charter out there within your price range. Yacht charters are not boat charters. Yachts are boats over twenty feet in length, so all yachts are boats, but not all boats are yachts. The most expensive yacht charter runs about $800,000 per week. The cheapest runs as little as $663 for a week on the Mediterranean Sea in a one cabin yacht or $928 US for a two cabin Mediterranean yacht vacation. There are some tried and true considerations that can alter the cost of your chartered yacht vacation before you start looking for a broker. First, consider the season you are traveling. Every vacation location has its high and low seasons. Tropical locations are popular during northern winters. European and Mediterranean locations are more popular during their own summers. Second, if cost is a deciding factor for you, look for vacations occurring during your destination's off season. Another easy way to alter your costs is to share the vacation with more people. Exclusive yachting vacations offering a small number of cabins will cost more than larger vessels offering packages to more guests at a time. Third, define the following four terms for yourself: luxury, privacy, recreation and vacation. Luxury for one person could be defined as being waited on and entertained, while for another person, luxury is defined as solitude and quiet. What is privacy to you? Alone on a yacht or being on a yacht with only 3 cabins or having a large suite of rooms to yourself away from the crowd? Do you prefer lying on a beach, riding a wave rider or SkiDoo, deep water fishing, shopping in foreign ports, dancing all night long, or sleeping for days at a time? They are all forms of recreation. When you know what you want to do, with whom, where and when, your broker can find the perfect vacation for you at the absolute best price.